Theatre Planners Tours was born out of Racquel Lehrman's Theatre Planners, a successful for-hire producing company in Los Angeles. After 15 years of being the premiere destination for artists needing professional producing help to mount their shows, it became obvious that there was a demand for these shows to have a life outside of Los Angeles. 


Victoria Watson had been working with Racquel for 4 years before the transition to the touring division became an organic move. With a background in national tours and large theater, as well as a long-standing love and knowledge of LA's 99 Seat scene, it seemed a natural fit for her to helm this new arm of the business. Victoria grew up a performer, then transitioned to professional stage manager before becoming a producer in her own right. Prior to working with Theatre Planners, she worked with the LA Phil, Pasadena Symphony and Pops, Pasadena Playhouse, and more independent productions than she can mention.

TP Tours fills a needed gap in the touring industry -- that of a Tour Producer. Working with booking agents and presenters, we make sure the artists get to focus on their performances while presenters get everything they need for a successful run. Along the way, we even handle accounting and travel! We are the perfect companion for small shows trying to make it on the road by supplying the knowledge and experience so that touring your show can be a pleasurable and rewarding experience.

Theatre Planners Tours only handles shows traveling outside the LA area. If you have a local to Los Angeles show and need producing assistance, please check out www.TheatrePlanners.com!